Andriyivski Uzviz
Andriyivski Uzviz

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Andriyivski Uzviz (Descent) – Things to do in Kiev

The Andriyivski Uzviz (a.k.a. Andriyivski descent) is a well-known street that is a very popular tourist destination for the tourists visiting Kiev. The tour guides often refer to this street as the “Montmartre of Kiev” and it includes a big list of national landmarks, like Saint Andrew’s Church and the Richard Lionheart Castle.

The street is over 700 meters long and connects Old Kiev with Podil. It starts at Volodymyrska Street and winds down steeply around the Zamkova Hora hill, ending near the Kontraktova Square.

A few of the iconic landmarks include The Richard Lionhearted Castle, the 18th century Saint Andrew’s Church and the house of the famous Russian writer, Mikhail Bulgakov.


In the 18th and early 19th centuries, the street received its name as the Saint Andrew’s Church was located on top of the road. The “descent” street was home to merchants and craftspeople and a popular street for the people of Kiev.

Currently, the streets are full of ancient architecture, rich history and many luxurious
restaurants and gift shops. During the summer period, the street becomes one of the main
locations for various art festivals and large celebrations during the national holidays. 


There are two popular tourist attractions that can be visited on Andriyivski Uzviz.

The Saint Andrew’s Church

This church is located on the top of the Andriyivski Uzviz. The church was built in the 1754 after a visit from Russian Tsaress Elizabeth Petrofina. She was keen on taking care of the church and make sure the project would be a success, but unfortunately she passed away before the church was finished.

As the Kiev municipality had little interest in maintaining the church, it became a private instate and has been maintained and operated all based on charities and donations. Since 1968, the church has opened its doors as a museum for the tourists.

Castle of Richard the Lionheart

The “Castle of Richard the Lionheart” was originally called Orlov House after the designer Dmitry Orlov. It was built from 1902-1904 and after a dispute with the government the name was changed to Castle of Richard the Lionheart, after the 12th century king of England.

The building had a barber’s shop, grocery store and a butcher shop. In the remaining areas there were apartments for rent. The Kiev municipality is currently planning its restoration.



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