beaches in ukraine

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The Best Beaches in Ukraine

Time away from the general routine of life is essential for the human spirit. Heading out to the beach is a great way to relax. When visiting Odessa, you are in for a treat because its beaches are world renowned for their beauty. There are several flights from Kiev to Odessa, but you can also travel by train. Here are some of the can’t miss beaches in Ukraine.

Lanzheron Beach

beaches in ukraine

When traveling in Ukraine, history will be all around you. Ancient structures have been remarkably preserved with love and care from the residents of the country, but if you want to visit a historic area that is just a lot of fun, Lanzheron Beach is the place to be.

The beach itself offers free access to all guests, but extras do cost. The cost are 200 UAH per person for a bed and umbrella.

Beach Golden Shore

beaches in ukraine

Located in Odessa, Beach Golden Shore is among the most popular spots for tourists and locals alike. The beach itself is kept remarkably clean and therefore families find it an enjoyable trip to take. The beach access is free, but if arriving by car, be prepared to pay a small fee for parking.

When brining children along, note that there are various activities such as trampolines for the children to play on. Unlike other areas that have large hotels, this beach maintains an old style feel with small boutique hotels for lodging along with the option to rent various small homes from the locals in the area.

Central City Beach

Just down the street from Odessa is another gem among the beaches of Ukraine. Central City Beach is located at Plyazhnaya St. 15 Chornomorsk and offers a range of activities for those looking to soak up the sun or guests seeking a quieter beach experience. As with most beaches in the country, Central City Beach is free.

It is not as crowded as many of the other beaches in Ukraine due to the lack of stores and shops along the sandy shore. Rising above the sea shore is the large staircase leading into the shore. From the top of the stairs, the views into the ocean are immaculate. Central City Beach also has a unique vibe large thatched umbrellas to shield guests from the sun.

Arcadia Beach

The Ukraine has a lot of impressive beaches along the immaculate coast line. If action is what you are looking for on your beach trip, Arcadia Beach is the place to go. This beach offers some of the old school arcade games for fun, but it also has one of the most popular beach clubs in Ukraine. Ibiza Beach Club is known throughout the area for being a hot spot for daytime as well as nighttime beach goers.

The fee for drinks can be quite expensive, but you can get by with paying about 75 UAH per drink. The staff of the club is very accommodating to guests and most speak English.

Otrada Beach

beach in ukraine

The central location of Otrada Beach allows access to everything in Odessa. The crowning glory of this beach is the Otrada Hotel. From this part of Odessa, your views will include both standard fishing boats as well as some of the larger luxurious mega yachts. When traveling by bus, the 203 bus stops directly outside the hotel and there is just a short walk to the sea shore.

For 60 UAH you can enjoy the less crowded paid beach access areas. Once inside the area, you have access to wooden beach chairs and even cabanas for when the sun becomes too much. Children will enjoy the clean beach as well as the playground access within the paid portion of Otrada Beach.

Visiting the beaches of Ukraine is an excellent way to enjoy the beauty of the country. Each beach along the coast is just a bit different, so find the one that is right for you and soak up the sun with the locals. Whether you are looking for an exciting beach full of beautiful people or just a simple beach without a lot of flare, Ukraine has it all.


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