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Best Day Trips From Kiev

Did you know that Ukraine has a lot of interesting landmarks, activities and things to see, outside of the capital Kiev? Although there are certainly many activities in the city that can keep you busy for days, you might want to consider these best day trips from Kiev to explore the country-side of Ukraine.

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1-Day Group Tour to Chernobyl

things to do in Ukraine - day trips from kiev
Ghost town of Pripyat

Depart Kiev and journey to Chernobyl, famous as the site of the 1986 nuclear disaster at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. Learn the rules of radiation safety and watch specially-prepared video material about the disaster en route to the exclusion zones.

Learn how the city, while largely abandoned, is still populated with local workers and policemen along with shops, a post office and café. See sights such as the museum, St. Elias Church, the Park of Glory, river port and memorial to the liquidators who rushed to reactor number 4 in the immediate aftermath of the explosion.

Visit reactor number 4, where complex engineering solutions are underway designed to transform it into an ecologically safe system. Discover the secret facility of Chernobyl 2 and go to the Soviet over-the-horizon radar station of Duga, where foreign radio stations were blocked and espionage took place.

Next, go to the ghost town of Pripyat and see the abandoned amusement park and the Ferris wheel that no child ever got the chance to ride. See abandoned boats and ships in the port, and feed the giant catfish in Pripyat River.

  • Explore the haunting sites of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant disaster
  • Visit the fourth reactor of Chernobyl
  • Experience intense emotions at a legendary disaster site

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Day Trip to Taras Shevchenko National Preserve in Kaniv

day trips from kiev
Taras Shevchenko National Preserve

Meet your private guide and driver at the lobby of your hotel in Kiev and head to a beautiful small town of Kaniv, famous for the Taras Shevchenko National Preserve. The distance from Kiev to Kaniv is 126 kilometers and, on the way there, your guide will tell you interesting facts about the life and work of the iconic Ukrainian poet.

It’s hard to overestimate the role of Taras Shevchenko for world literature, so if you are interested in Ukrainian cultural heritage this trip is a perfect choice for you. Just to mention that a famous poetry collection of Taras Shevchenko called “Kobzar” is among the most translated books in the world.

Another interesting fact is that there are more than a thousand monuments to Taras Shevchenko, located in Ukraine and 35 different countries worldwide. Once you arrive in Kaniv, you will visit the burial place of Taras Shevchenko on the Tarasova Mountain and see the monument to the poet.

Then, you will visit an informative museum and discover numerous valuable exhibits, including early editions of the books, manuscripts, paintings and personal items of T. Shevchenko.

Another place of interest in Kaniv is a folk museum Tarasova Svitlytsa, located in the traditional Ukrainian house. The interior of the museum is decorated with the portraits of the poet, embroidered “ryshnyk” and icons.

Moreover, you will have a pleasant walk through quiet and cozy area of the Reserve, admiring the wonderful panorama of the Dnieper River. After the tour, you will have free time in the city, where you may have lunch (optional, own expense). Then, you will return to Kiev, where the driver will drop you off at your hotel.

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Full-Day Trip to Sofiivka Park in Oman

day trips from Kiev

Once you meet your guide at your hotel, you’ll start the journey to Uman located 213 kilometers south of Kiev. During this 3-hour drive, enjoy the picturesque landscape along the route as well as learn many interesting facts about Ukraine from your guide.

When you arrive to the marvelous Sofiivka Park created in the beginning of the 19th-century, you’ll have a cheerful walking tour of its spacious territory. This park has an interesting story because it was as a gift from the Polish Count Stanislaw Potocki to his beloved wife Sofia. The designers of the park were inspired by the Greek poems the Iliad and theOdyssey and you will discover these motives in the decoration of the park.

Strolling around the park, you will see the statues of Greek gods, cross the shaded alleys and discover beautiful lakes with fountains. Your guide will show you an enigmatic grotto, where you can make a wish that will definitely come true.

During your free time in the park, take a boat trip on the underground river (optional, for an additional fee). After the tour in the park, you’ll start your return journey back to Kiev. You may have lunch in one of the restaurants near Uman (optional, own expense). Arrive back to Kiev in the evening and your driver will drop you off at your hotel or apartment.

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3-Hour Cossack Village Half-Day Tour from Kiev

day trips from kiev
Cossack Village

Located just 4.2 miles (7 kilometers) from Khreschatyk lies an open-air museum, the Cossack Village of Mamajeva Sloboda. Its thematic exhibits are situated on the 9.2-hectare site and represent a full replica of a historical settlement depicting Ukrainian nature, architecture and the way of life.

On this half-day tour to the village you will explore the village and learn more about the Cossack way of life. See the Scythian statue of Mamaj on the top of a mound near the main entrance. Not far from the church, there is a windmill, which is the symbol of peaceful agriculture in Ukraine.

In Mamajeva Sloboda you will see the houses of the Church Warden, of a Cossack armor bearer, a blacksmith’s smithy, and a pottery workshop. Discover where the Fortune Teller lived and visit an apiary and the watermill.

All of the sites are situated over 2 lakes covered with water lilies. The estate consists of various buildings according to their household function, including storehouses, sheds, stables, cellars, barns, and cart-houses.

Wander around this traditional Ukrainian landscape and be enchanted by the Market Place, thrill to the Military Chancellery and see an authentic Cossack Garrison.

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Full-Day Private Trip to the Tunnel of Love

Start your fabulous journey to the Tunnel of Love early in the morning after meeting your friendly driver from your hotel. There are two options of the trip available – a round trip transfer from Kiev to the Tunnel of Love without a guide and a guided tour to the Tunnel of Love.

The distance from Kiev to the Tunnel of Love in the Klevan, Rivne region, is 350 kilometers and the road there takes approximately 4-hours.

Before you get to the final destination, you will have an excellent opportunity to contemplate scenic Ukrainian landscapes along the route. There will be some stops at comfortable gas stations, where you may buy coffee or snacks.

At approximately 13:00, you will arrive at the Tunnel of Love. This fairytale place is considered one of the must-see places in the world. The tunnel is formed with leafy trees that grow along the narrow gauge railway, intertwining on the top. A small train passes there a few times a day, making this magic place even more interesting. You’ll be amazed with an incredible atmosphere of this place.

You’ll walk through the fantastic tunnel of leafy trees that seems endless, though it’s only 4 kilometers long. It is beautiful all year round, but if you want to see the most incredible celebration of colors, better come here from late spring to autumn. You’ll have about 2-hours of free time to make amazing photos and make a wish that will definitely come true. After such an exciting day, the return trip to Kiev will start and your driver will drop you off at your hotel.

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