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The Most Beautiful Castles in Ukraine.

You have finally arrived in Ukraine and you are ready to explore Kiev and the rest of this amazing country. Castles are quite possibly the most interesting structures ever to be built by the human hand, therefore if you intend on visiting castles in Ukraine at any time these are the must see places.


Kamenets Podolsky Castle

The most beautiful castles in ukraine
Kamenets Podolski Castle in the South of Ukraine

In Ukraine, beauty is never more than a moment away and Kemenets Podolky Castle is truly a beautiful sight to behold. Where so many castles today are merely shells of their once former glory, this one has retained much of its charm. There are some neglected areas that have fallen into ruin such as the outer walls, but the heart of the castle remains.

The almost fairy tale like towers rising out of the structure will have you feeling like Rapunzel is about to drop down her hair. Visitors to this castle have had no trouble finding it as it is on the main road. The address is 1 Zamkova St, Kamianets-Podilski.

Price: 30 UAH Adult and 20 UAH for Children
Opening times: 09:00 AM to 19.000 PM

Palanok Castle

Castles in Ukraine
Palanok Castle

A true medieval fortress is what you shall find at Palanok Castle. This interesting castle is certainly not the largest you will see in Ukraine, but it can be one of the more interesting pieces of castle history, so it is certainly worth the trip.

The most interesting little nugget about this place is that the curators have worked to hang onto the true history of the place down to the wine seller. It is original and offers tastings to guests.

The address for Palanok Castle is Kurucev In 5, Mukacheve 89600. History is always alive and well, but dur to the age and settling of the structure, caution should always be taken when walking through the corridors and up the steps to the various levels.

Price: 15 UAH Adult and 10 UAH for Children

Potocki Palace

Castles in Ukraine
Potocki Palace

Not all castles are from the medieval era. The Potochi Palace is certainly not from any medieval times, but is a remarkable place to visit.

Sunday tours are from noon to 5 and they are closed on Monday. The draw to this place is for the artwork and the exhibitions of palace life. The intricate details have been preserved beautifully and the price for touring this Lviv piece of history, you are in for a treat.

Price: 20 UAH, guided tour – 30 UAH the first floor and 50 UAH the second floor

Working hours:
 Summer: from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Winter: from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.; on Sunday: from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.; closed on Monday

Khotyn Fortress

Castles in Ukraine
Khotyn Fortress

If you want to see a true medieval structure in all its glory, Khotyn Fortress is the place for you. The fortress that is seen was originally constructed in 1325 and renovated throughout the years. One of the most notable restorations for the fortress was the 6 meter wide mote that encircled the place.

It is a good representation of the French and English style fortresses and has been host to a number of movies throughout the years. Khotyn Fortress is not just another castle. It has been home to Moldovian Princes and is currently regarded as one of the 7 wonders of Ukraine. Finding the fortress is easy as it is centrally located on St. Pokrovska Str, 40A close to the Dniester River.

Working hours:

09:00-17:00, in summer — 09:00-18:00.

Adults — 40 UAH.
Students — 20 UAH.
Children — 20 UAH.
Excursion rates:

200 UAH

Теl.: +38 (03731) 2-29-32
+38 (03731) 2-13-86

Akkerman Fortress

History is alive throughout Ukraine, but many of the structures from the 13th century have been destroyed by the ravages of war or simply neglected by time. Akkerman Fortress is an example of how all medieval structures should have been preserved, but unfortunately have not.

The castle was built directly on the ruins of an ancient city called Tyr. The structure is truly marvelous to behold and the best thing about this castle is that touring most areas of Akkerman are completely free.

The castle is located at Ushakova St. 1 Bilhorod-Dnistokskyi 65045 and is situated strategically on the River Dniester, so it is quite easy to locate.

Price: 25 UAH Adult and 20 UAH for Children

Enjoy the these beautiful castles in Ukraine and make sure you plan beforehand to avoid the busy periods.


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