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How to Plan a Holiday to Ukraine?

Planning a holiday to Ukraine is an exciting time. You have spent hours on Google researching the latest attractions, popular destinations and fun things to do during your holiday in Ukraine.

To make things a little bit easier, we summarized for you a few important steps that you can follow to make your next holiday a perfect one.

Visa requirements

Most countries get a 90-day tourist visa upon arrival. Other countries do not need a visa and most African and Asian countries get a 15-day tourist visa. For the exact information please check the following website before you travel: Visa Policy of Ukraine

Flying to Ukraine

Kiev Airports

Ukraine is home of Ukraine Airlines, which is based in the capital Kiev. Most international flights from Ukraine Airlines fly to Kiev International Airport (Boryspil -KBP), whilst Hungarian low-cost airlines Wizz Air focuses on Kiev Airport (Zhuliany – IEV).

kiev odessa flights

Both airlines offer discount packages and special deals on their websites. Go ahead and check it out and carefully read the terms & conditions of your tickets as the cheapest ticket often only include hand-luggage or no luggage at all. For more information about flying from Kiev to Odessa: Best Flights from Kiev to Odessa

Boryspil International Airport

Boryspil International Airport is located 28 kilometers outside of Kiev. It is the number one airport of Ukraine and has close to 3 million foreign visitors each year. The airport made significant upgrades prior to the Euro 2012 Football Cup. It is currently being considered a tourist friendly airport with English signs and new upgraded facilities like restrooms, restaurants and electronic check-in stations.

Before 2010, Boryspil Kiev Airport was in very bad shape. It only had two small terminals and was considered to be an outdated airport according to European standards. Although, now it has two new modern terminals and the original terminals have been upgraded.

For more information: The Ultimate Kiev Airport Guide – Click Here!

Odessa Airport

Odessa Airport is a small airport located nearby the Black Sea. This airport is a small one and located about 20-minutes from the city centre. Bus number 117 is a direct line between the airport and the city and will cost you on average 50 UAH.

If you do not speak any Russian and it is your first time traveling to Odessa, I highly recommend booking a private transfer to your hotel. It is only 20 Euro and you will not have to worry about being scammed or trying to explain your destination to a non-english speaking person.

Most European flights have a transit on Istanbul Ataturk Airport or Boryspil Kiev Airport when flying to Odessa.

Lviv Airport

Danylo Halytskyi International Airport Lviv is located on the west-side of Ukraine. This beautiful city is very popular with foreign tourists and the airport receives most flights either from Boryspil Kiev Airport, Warsaw Chopin Airport and Istanbul Ataturk Airport.

It is located just 6 km from the city center.

Taking the train

Traveling through Ukraine by train is a pleasant experience. The railroad system is well-connected throughout the whole country and most trains have been replaced for newer models.

Kiev to lviv by Train

If you want to learn more about traveling from Kiev to Odessa or Lviv by train, purchase tickets and how to select the route, please click on the links. You can also book ticket directly on the official government railroad booking-site.

Public Transportation

Public transportation is available in all large cities, but does not connect well to the smaller towns outside. Especially the bus-connections are limited and same goes for the train. Taxi is also an option, but make sure you always book with an official registered taxi company that has an active meter in the car.

If you live or travel within than city then the Kiev metro, tram and bus connections are perfect to move around. Average price is between 3 UAH to 25 UAH per ride.

Kiev Metro Map
Overview Kiev Metro Map

Booking your accommodation

Booking your accommodation can be done online through the popular booking sites like The Kiev Section on They offer you a wide variety of different hotels, hostels and campsites in Kiev and others large cities. Some hostels offer rooms for as low as 4 euro per night.

kiev ukraine
Welcome to the capital of Ukraine: Kiev!

If it is your first-time planning a holiday to Ukraine, we recommend using these international booking sites. It gives you some extra security when booking your accommodation and if you like it you can next time book directly at the accommodation.

Exchanging money

The local currency of Ukraine is called the Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH). At almost every corner you can find an exchange shop, but to make sure you get the best exchange rate we recommend drawing exchange your money at the Kiev International Airport

The notes come in 1,2,5,10,10,50,100,200 and 500 UAH. Kopecks (cents) come in 1,2,5,10,25,50.

At some tourist destinations it is possible to pay with Dollars or Euro’s. Mostly in the hotels or other accommodations. At supermarkets and restaurants only UAH is accepted.

Keep in mind that UAH is almost impossible to exchange anywhere outside of Ukraine. Make sure you do not have any cash left after your trip, or exchange it at the airport when you travel back.

ATM’s can be found everywhere, but make sure you checked with your bank if they allow money withdrawal from the Ukraine. If the card gets declined there is a possibility that the bank does not allows cash withdrawals from the Ukraine. You need to give authorization to your bank clear this issue.


Over the years Ukraine has become a save place. We do recommend to make sure to  avoid getting in unnecessary or even dangerous situations.

Although corruption does take place in Ukraine, it seems like this is mostly the case for the traffic police trying to make some extra money. It does not happen in the big cities. Carry a valid ID with you, just in case.

Scam do haven in the big cities and it is important you make sure you double-check a suspicious situation. This also includes dating agencies and such that provide meet and greet session with Ukrainian Woman.

Always make sure you bring your phone with you. Incase you need to charge it, make sure you have the right power banks with you. This will make your travel a lot easier.

Most popular things to do in Kiev

If you are looking for popular things to do at your destination, we recommend you checking our Things To Do & Kiev Tours section. It is an overview of all the popular attractions and tours in Kiev and the rest of Ukraine.

From Kiev: Private Tour of Chernobyl

Explore the abandoned city of Chernobyl on a private tour from Kiev, and experience incredible emotions within the exclusion zone of a former disaster site. Benefit from flexible arrangements, organized permits and the chance to stay for 1 to 5 days.

holiday to ukraine

Book now: From Kiev: Private Tour of Chernobyl
Price: 72 Euro per person
Duration: 1 day

Small Group Kiev City Tour

Join a comprehensive and cheerful small-group tour of Kiev and discover the city’s most popular attractions. You will enjoy beautiful architecture and welcoming atmosphere of Kiev and learn many interesting facts from your expert local guide.

Book now: Small Group City Tour
Price: 25 Euro per person
Duration: 3 hours

Private Tour of Kiev Pechersk Lavra

Discover UNESCO-listed Kiev Pechersk Lavra on a comprehensive 2-hour walking tour. With your expert local guide, you will uncover the history of the monastery and visit mysterious Lavra caves.

Kiev Pechersk Lavra

Book now: Private Tour of Kiev Pechersk Lavra
Price: 25 Euro per person
Duration: 2 hours

Carpathian National Park

Carpathian National Park is located in the Carpathian mountain region and is the first and one of the largest in National Nature Parks of Ukraine parks. In the present boundaries Carpathian National Park includes 12 parks forestry, land fund of the peasants and land settlement and village councils of Jaremcha, Mikulichin, Kremintsi, Vorohta, Yablunytsya.

The current size of the park is 50,000 hectares and was established in 1980 in the geographical center of Hutsul – Charnogora and Gorgany.

In the parks you can find many historical and cultural monuments. Some of the archaeological sites are more than 15,000 years old and includes remains of various kinds of crafts, carving, pottery, Easter egg painting. The peculiarity of the life and customs of ancient Hutsul, especially their language, clothing, rich song culture attracted the attention of tourists.

This park consists of 48 tourist routes and is well-know for its mineral water sources that are eyes for recreational and medicinal purposes. There are many high standard recreational facilities in the region, including Health Centers, Camps and Hotels.

Most popular cities to visit

Currently the most popular cities to visit for foreign people are Kiev, Lviv and Odessa. Kiev is famous for being the capital of the country. Lviv has stunning architecture and restaurants and Odessa is located right next to the Black Sea. These are great locations to keep in mind when you plan your next holiday to Ukraine!



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