kiev botanical gardens

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The Kiev Botanical Gardens – Things to do in Kiev.

The Kiev botanical gardens have been around for many years. The earliest gardens were part of the Pisa University in 1543, whilst the garden at the University of Padua was created 2 years later in 1545.

The Gardens

The gardens were established to teach the public about the importance of education and nature conservation of flowers, trees and other endangered Flora. The city of Kiev currently has two gardens which are visited by thousands of tourists each year

The Botanical Garden of the Ukrainian Academy of Science is the considered the largest botanical garden, whilst the State Botanical Garden is a smaller public version.

The larger garden is the most popular of the two and covers an area of almost 130 hectares. Together they hold up to 13,000 different species and include roses, shrubs, lilacs, magnolias and coniferous trees. The combination of bright colors and natural smells, make the gardens the perfect place to go out and enjoy some beautiful nature.

If you want to support the local education programs you can also consider visiting a third, but smaller, botanical garden at the Kiev Shevchenko University. It was founded in the year 1839 and is located on approximately 22.5 hectares of land. This complex has over 8,000 different Flora species and includes several IUCN red-list species.

It also hosts the oldest palm trees of Ukraine, which are almost 35 meters high.

The gardens are located close to the Caves of Kiev and the Motherland Statue.



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