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Kiev Metro – Route, Tickets, Map and Operating Hours in 2018

The Kiev Metro (also known as subway) is the most popular form of public transportation in the capital. There are currently 52 active stations and the route is almost 70 km’s long. Around 1,4 million passengers travel each day with the system and even includes the deepest station in the world Arsenala, which is located at a stunning depth of 105 meters (346 feet). In 2016, the Kiev Metro transported a record of 500 million people in one year.

Finding the metro

Finding the entrance to the Kiev Metro is easy. Through out Kiev you will see different big signs standing out with the big letter “M” on top. This sign indicated that you are close to a metro entrance.

Kiev metro sign

Architecture and design

Kiev Metro
The Kiev Metro has a unique design, which is influenced by the former Soviet Union and current Ukraine architecture.

It was the first rapid transit system in Ukraine and, after Moscow and St. Petersburg, the third one built in the Soviet Union. Actually, if you look closely at the design of any of the metro systems in the former Soviet Union, you will see a combination of colorful decorations and art-works.

Because most of the stations were either renovated or built after the WW2, the designs included elements like mosaics, ornaments, marble and a variety of sculptures. All symbolizing the history of Ukraine and important events that shaped Kiev to the city it is today.

Kiev Metro Map of Stations

Please see below a free “Kiev Metro Map” of all the stations. Click on the picture for a large version, which you can download and print when planning your holiday to Ukraine.

Kiev Metro Map

Lines – Red,Blue and Green

There are currently three lines used by the Metro. The red, blue and green, but there are planes to make 4th yellow line in the near future. See the below table with the exact route, travel times, and frequency to help you plan your next travel.

LinesRouteNumber of StationsFrequency Ride Time of Entire Route
Red(Sviatoshynsko-Brovarska)18Rush hour: 1:45-2 min
Normal and weekend: 3:30 min
40 min
(Obolonsko–Teremkivska)18Rush hour: 1:45-2:15 min*
Normal: 5 min

Weekend: 4-4:30 min
35 min
Green(Syretsko-Pecherska)16Rush hour: 2-2:30 min*
Normal: 4:15-5 min

Weekend: 6 min
40 min

Tourist Attractions – Line 1 – Red

Tourist Attractions – Line 2 – Blue

Tourist Attractions – Line 3 – Green

Transfer Stations

There are three transfer stations, which connect the different red, blue and green lines together.

  • Zoloti Vorota – Teatralna (Green Line and Red Line Transfer)
  • Maidan Nezalezhnosti – Khreschtyk (Blue line and Red Line Transfer)
  • Palats Sportu – Ploshcha Lva Tolstoho (Green line and Blue Line Transfer)

The Kiev Central Train Station is located next to the Vokzalna Metro Station

Buy Your Tickets

Ticket office

There are two ways to buy a metro ticket in Kiev. The first one is the at the ticket office at the station itself. Each station has several ticket offices and they can be found nearby the entrance of the station. The price for a ticket is fixed at 4 UAH (0,15 Euro) and it allows you to travel all over Kiev with unlimited transfers between the lines. In order to purchase this ticket you need to buy firstly a green card token.

Kiev Metro Ticket Buy
Kiev Metro Ticket Office

Metro Pass

If you are staying in Kiev for a longer period of time, I recommend buying a monthly Metro pass. This pas cost is 105 UAH and is valid from he 3th week of each month. Of course, I only recommend buying this pass if you use the metro daily for work or other activities. If not, it will be cheaper to buy separate tickets. The Metro Pass can be purchased at the ticket office.

Green token

This token can be compared to a pre-paid travel-card, which you can buy at the ticket offices or machines. The machines have both English, Russian and Ukrainian languages, therefore it is easy to buy your ticket there if you do not speak the local language. Once you have deposited some money on your token, you will be able to travel the metro as you will need to pass a barrier that scans your card before entering the station.

Kiev Metro Ticket Machine

Rules and Guidelines

Traveling with the metro is really comfortable, but with any form of public transportation there are some safety precaution and rules you need to follow.

Pickpocketing has always been a problem in large, public locations and the Kiev Metro is no exception. Make sure you always keep your eyes on your bags and luggage and put any important document behind a closed zipper, preferable somewhere on your body. Therefore, try to avoid traveling late at night.

Thankfully, there are a lot of official present at the most of the stations. Therefore, you can always approach a security guard or a police officers if any troubles should occur.

A few rules for riding the subway include;

  • Bikes are not allowed
  • Smoking is not allowed
  • Suitcases are allowed, but length x width x height can’t be more than 200 cm
  • Public photography. They won’t always address this, but if you plan to do a fancy photo shoot they might tell you to move it.
  • Ice-cream is not allowed
  • Have a valid ID and Green Token Card

Operating Hours

The metro opens from 6:00 and operates until the last train at 24:00. The typical departure time of a metro is every 2– 3 minutes during the rush hours (from 7:00 to 10:00 and from 17:00 to 20:00). For the other hours, weekends and holidays it is every 5-10 minutes.

Metro to the Airport

Unfortunately, at the moment there are no metro connections to both airports in Kiev. You will need to take a taxi, bus or shuttle service.



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