rodina mat motherland statue
View of the Rodina Mat (Motherland Statue) on Victory Day in Kiev.

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Visiting Rodina Mat (Motherland Statue) – Things to do in Kiev.

The Rodina Mat Monument a.k.a. The Motherland Monument, is a historical monumental statue in Kiev and is part of the WW2 Ukrainian History Museum.

The statue

If you ever saw a postcard of Kiev there is a big chance it would include the 62-meter high stainless steel structure.

Its unique design was drawn Yevgeny Vuchetich and weighs a stunning 560 tons. Vuchetich had designed two other famous Soviet war memorials, but died in 1974 after which the design was modified and completed by Vasyl Borodai.

The statue has a sword and a shield with the State Emblem of the former Soviet Union. It represents how the people of the Soviet Union beat Nazi Germany and became victorious in WW2.

rodina mat

Modern-day Kiev

There is actually a lot of opposition from the local community against the monument. As a lot of people are suffering with the bad economy, certain groups have requested that the government should re-use the stainless steel for more functional purposes.

The flame also uses a significant amount of gas (400 M3) per hour, which does not send out a good message for the local who can’t afford heating during the winter-period. 

Despite all this, it will be unlikely that the Kiev Government will demolish The Motherland Statue as it also draws a lot of tourists each year.

Attractions nearby

Nearby you can visit the Caves of Kiev and the Golden Gate of Kiev.




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