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Things to do in Kiev – The Ultimate 2018 Guide

Ready to visit Ukraine and wondering about things to do in Kiev? You spent already a few hours Googling all the hotspots and attractions, but you would like to know all the hidden secret’s Kiev has to offer?

You have come to the right place! In this blog post: 5 Things to do in Kiev That Are Amazing! Thomas will discuss a few amazing hotspots in Kiev that will show you the hidden gems and activities most travel agencies don’t know about.

Explore Kiev with Thomas and get introduced to the wonderful world of Ukrainian culture, food and of course the people.

As a result, you can enjoy your days in Kiev to the fullest.

Here we go!

Transport in Kiev

kiev metro map

If you are looking for extra information on how to plan a holiday to Ukraine or transport from Boryspil International Airport to Kiev centre, you can check out our other blog posts. Information on traveling with the metro in Kiev: Click Here – Ultimate Kiev Metro Guides

Popular Attractions in Kiev

Instead of making yet another boring summary of all the well-known landmarks, I thought I would show you a nice route of Kiev, which you can use to visit some important cultural attractions and that allows you to see multi-sites in one day. Thankfully, most of the iconic locations are at walking distance from each other or just a 5-minute metro ride away.

For more attractions, please visit our Things To Do in Kiev section.

Rodina Mat (Motherland Statue)

rodina mat motherland statue
View of the Rodina Mat (Motherland Statue) on Victory Day in Kiev.

Your first stop would be at the famous Rodina Mat (Motherland Statue). Its unique design was drawn Yevgeny Vuchetich and weighs a stunning 560 tons. The statue is a symbol for the victory of the former Soviet-Union on Nazi-Germany during the WW2.

Patriotic Ukrainian War Museum

Right next to this statue you can find the Patriotic Ukrainian War Museum. The institution was renamed as a National Museum of History of Ukraine in the Second World War by the Decree of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine on 16th July, 2015.

The staff of the National Museum continues active work focusing all activities on the humanitarian dimension of the global war tragedy.

Kiev Pechersk Lavra

Kiev Pechersk Lavra

When you are visiting Kiev it won’t take long until you hear about the famous Kiev Pechersk Lavra a.k.a. The Caves of Kiev. This gold covered church is considered one the world’s most beautiful monastery’s and is actually one of the seven wonders of Ukraine.

Together with the Saint Sophia Cathedral, the Kiev Pechersk Lavra is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

After your visit I recommend you take the bus from Rodina Mat to Kiev Pechersk Lavra. You can take buses 24 and 38 and take exit “Pechersk Lavra. It will only cost you about 6 UAH.

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Free Walking Tours

Free Walking Tour Kiev is a private initiative run by young guides and volunteers in love with Kiev. It is one of the easiest and most interesting ways to tour Kiev. Tours start daily in rain or shine at 12pm and 4 pm all year round. There is no need to book a tour, just come to the meeting point and find your guide holding a blue Free Tours flag.

For more information on Free Walking Tours in Kiev – Click Here!

Opera House

Kiev Opera House was constructed in 1901 by architect Victor Schroeder. The original Opera House was burned down in 1896, after which they rebuild the facilities to the Opera of Kiev that we know today.

The Opera has a unique reputations as in 1911, the Prime Minister of the Former Russian Empire Peter Stolypin was assassinated during one of the plays. It changed the future of Russia, and till this day people still claim to have seen the ghost of Peter Stolypin, strolling through the Opera hallways.

Thankfully, these days you can enjoy the wonderful performances of the National Ballet of Ukraine of watch a Romeo and Juliet play that has been on stage for the last 30 years.

Shopping in Kiev

Khreshchatyk is the most famous street (1.2 km) of Ukraine. It is the main street of Kiev and offers a wide variety of activities and attractions including, restaurants, museums, bars, shops and malls. Today, it is also the home of administrative and business organizations who hold their office here.

Hotels in Kiev

5 star hotels in kiev

Kiev has a wide variety of options when it comes to finding a suitable accommodation for the night. From luxury 5-star hotels under $100 to city centre apartments for less than $50. The capital has it all and for almost half the price (compared to other European cities) you will find an excellent accommodation, nearby all your favorite landmarks and tourist attractions.

If you are looking for a cheap stay than you can also consider one of the many hostels in Kiev. It is a great way to meet more people and explore the city together. Do keep in mind, that you always want to make sure your luggage is safe and secured when staying in a hostel. I would not recommend staying in a hostel that does not provide safety deposit boxes.

The average price per night in Kiev is around 300 UAH (10 Euro) for a decent hostel, but keep in mind to make a reservation beforehand.

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Ukrainian Cuisine in Kiev

Things to do in Kiev

First of all, if you love to eat, Ukraine is the place for you!

After a long day of culture exploring it is time to hit down-town and visit some amazing restaurants. On average you pay between 4-6 USD per meal and let me tell you that these meals are of high standard.

Restaurants in Kiev

The kitchen is well-known for its amazing grilled meat, fresh salads and delicious breads. Keep in mind that there is a preference for fatty foods as the traditional kitchen was focused on eating lots of calories due to the poor living conditions under the communist regime.

Overview of the best restaurants:

Cuisine Tours in Kiev

kiev nightlife

Start your acquaintance with Kiev on a private Gastro Tour (Book Now) that will introduce you to the culinary traditions of Ukraine. Doing a cuisine tour is a great way to meet other people, experience the local culture and of course eat delicious foods!

Tours highlights

  • Try out Ukrainian food at 4 traditional restaurants
  • Find out about the most interesting Ukrainian gastronomic traditions
  • Visit the famous Bessarabsky Market
  • Become the expert of borsch, varenyky, and salo
  • Taste homemade liqueurs

Tour description by Green Tour Ukraine

The first dish you’re going to love is borsch. It’s a sour soup with meat, beetroot, cabbage, onions, potatoes, and tomatoes. Usually, it’s served with sour cream and garlic pampushky ( tasty doughnuts). The ingredients of borsch may vary from one territory to another, but you’re sure to fall in love with this dish from the first spoonful.

The next dish you’ll try during your Gastro Tour is varenyky. You may have heard of these filled dumplings also known as pierogi. The most popular fillings are potato, sauerkraut, ground meat, cottage cheese, and fruit. Depending on the filling, varenyky are served with melted butter, fried onions, and sour cream.

Beside appeasing your hunger, you’ll also try out some special treats. One of the most unusual things to try is salo, the traditional Slavic food that consists of cured slabs of fatback. This dish is served with onions, salt, garlic, and pickles. .


Kiev Nightlife

Kiev nightlife

Kiev, Ukraine is a beautiful country full of history and modern flare that works together in perfect harmony. There are a number of museums and even cycling through Golosiyvsky Forest for the more adventurous traveler, but when the sun goes down, the real fun begins.

Kiev is a hub for nightlife and this guide will show you where to go for fun and excitement throughout the evening and meet the people from Kiev.

For more information: The Ultimate Kiev Nightlife Guide!

Guided night-tours/pub-crawls or beer-tours: Kiev Nightlife Tours on Sale!

Meeting Ukrainian people in Kiev

Things to do in Kiev
Yes, that is me in the middle! Exploring the city with locals is always the best way to learn more about traditional cultures, foods and traditions.

Meeting people in Ukraine is great way to learn all the in’s and out’s of the city you are staying in. After all, most hidden gems are well-known by the locals, but maybe not yet discovered by the internet.

If you are interested in dating in Ukrainian girls, I recommend you reading my Dating in Ukraine guidelines. It is full of useful tips on how to successfully meet and date Ukrainian girls in a respectful way. You will have a great time together and with a local you definitely experience the city of Kiev and its nightlife to its fullest!

And there you go! 3 amazing things to do in Kiev to make sure you will have a great experience visiting the capital.

Have fun!




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